Fourth Generation

13. Filip Jay4 Yeskel (Samuel3, Shia2, Pinchas1)(18) was born in Beth Israel Hospital, Newark, NJ on April 21, 1948.

Yiddish name: Fivel (after Fanny (Fagel) Newman Yeskel his paternal grandmother) Yosel (after Josef Gast his maternal grandfather.)

He married Elka Mermelstein in Tyler, TX, on September 1, 1974. Elka was born in Denver, CO on October 29, 1945. Elka is the daughter of Marvin David Mermelstein and Doris Beleck.

Filip Jay Yeskel and Elka Mermelstein had the following children:

child 16 i. Ariyah Seth5 Yeskel was born Denver, CO June 9, 1978.

child 17 ii. Zachary Yeskel was born Boulder, CO May 21, 1980.

child 18 iii. Sarah Yeskel was born Boulder, CO September 14, 1982.

child 19 iv. Sabrina Yeskel was born Madras, India October 26, 1986.

child 20 v. Caleb Yeskel was born Calcutta, India August 11, 1989.

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